About Us


  • Don Huffman, President
  • Gil Molina, Vice President
  • Claudia Huffman, Treasurer
  • Martha Scrivens, Secretary
  • Paul Berry, Director
  • Carrie Hamel, Scholarship Coordinator


The primary source of revenue for the FODMF is the net profits from the beer and wines sales at the fair grounds. The revenue from these sales support several non-profit groups that help pour during the fair and is the primary source of revenue for the 4H & FFA awards and scholarships

The remaining annual revenue is used for major projects including:

  • The new Leber stage
  • New swine show ring
  • The RV Park (a source of revenue for the fair)
  • Planted 35 trees, new lawn areas and pedestrian walk areas throughout the fairgrounds
  • Installed safety screens for the bleacher seats
  • Installed new air conditioners and heaters in major buildings
  • New flag pole displays
  • Signage throughout
  • Fairgrounds speaker system
  • Create wine pavilion and more.

Regional ABC Training

Staying within the law, the FODMF team also hosts annual ABC training seminars that are attended by hundreds of non-profit volunteers who sell alcoholic beverages throughout the county.